Dear Friends

Here is list of some India published Journals for the Students of Philosophy, Humanities and interdisciplinary studies.

1. Wesleyan Journal of Research The Wesleyan Journal of Research is a multi-disciplinary, international, refereed, journal with the ISSN 0975-1386, published annually by Bankura Christian College. It was the cohesive, integrated force of the entire teaching staff that helped the college in realizing a long-cherished dream of publishing a quality research journal of its own. The journal appeared in the academic circle on June 29, 2008, the Foundation Day of the college. On the 29th day of June, 1903, the Wesleyan Mission College was established in Bankura (now in the state of West Bengal), India, with a lot of potential. The name of the college changed subsequently. Bankura Christian College as the name stands today was established under the aegis of the founder Principal, Rev. J. Mitchell. The name of the journal is a tribute to the Wesleyan Methodist missionaries, the key factor in the establishment of this 106 year old college.

Chief Editor

Dr. Richard. R. N. Bajpai
(Principal, Bankura Christian College)

2. ‘JAIN JOURNAL’Jain Bhawan (established in 1945), Kolkata, West Bengal, runs a research center in the name of ‘Jainology and Prakrit Research Institute’ to promote study and research in Prakrit and Jainism and it satisfies the thirst of many researchers. Jain Bhawan brings out three periodical:

11. ‘JAIN JOURNAL’ (ISSN 0021 4043) in English published continuously since 1966),
12. ŚRAMANA’ (ISSN 0975 8550)in Bengali (published continuously since 1973), and
13. ‘TITTHAYARA’ in Hindi. Around 36 years of its publication, these journals received universal acclaim.

The address of Jain Bhawan is:
Jain Bhawan, P-25, Kalakar Street,

Kolkata-700 007. West Bengal
Phone No.- (033) 2268-2655/ 2272-9028.

Subscription for Jain Journal: 500.00 for one year and 5000.00 for life time.
Subscription for Sramana: 500.00 for life time.
Subscription for Titthayar: 1000.00 for life time.


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