Timeline of Eastern Philosophers

Timeline of Eastern philosophers

This is a wide-ranging list of philosophers from the Eastern traditions of philosophy, with special interest in Indo-Chinese philosophy. The list stops at the year 1950, after which philosophers fall into the category of Contemporary philosophy.



Chinese philosophers

Ancient Chinese philosophers

Before 256 BCE (until the end of the Zhou Dynasty)

475–221 BCE (Warring States Period)

221BCE–220 CE (Qin, Han and Xin Dynasties)

220 CE–907 CE (Three Kingdoms period to Tang Dynasty)

907–1368 (Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period to Yuan Dynasty)

1368–1912 (Ming and Qing Dynasties)

Modern Chinese philosophers


Indian philosophers

Ancient philosophers

Vedic History

1000–600 BCE

600–400 BCE (Sectarianism)

321–184 BCE (Mauryan Empire)

184 BCE–100 CE

100–300 (Cholas, Cheras, Pandavas)

300–550 (Gupta Empire)


900–1100 (Muslim dominance)


1500–1800 (Mughal Empire)

Modern Indian philosophers

1800–1900 (British rule)

20th century

Japanese philosophers

Ancient Japanese philosophers

Until 1185 CE (until the end of the Heian Period)

1185–1333 (Kamakura Period)

1333–1867 (Muromachi Period to Edo Period)

Modern Japanese philosophers


Korean philosophers

Ancient Korean philosophers

Until 676 CE (until the end of the Three Kingdoms period)

676–935 (Unified Silla period)

935–1392 (Goryeo period)

1392–1910 (Joseon period)

Modern Korean philosophers


Tibetan philosophers


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